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Lathika Natural Beauty
Lathika Natural Beauty
143 stonechurch cres Markham, Ontario

Lathika Natural Beauty is private company based in Toronto, Canada that has a line of sophisticated products that provide the ultimate skincare solutions for all.  We are dedicated to providing environmentally friendly ALL-NATURAL products that give nothing but flawless fairness. They are manufactured solely by Lathika Natural Beauty Incorporated with the most pure herbal and organic ingredients.
Roshani Newton, the founder and CEO of Lathika Natural Beauty, is a certified beautician and esthetician who has been practicing for over ten years both in Montreal and Toronto.  She is an entrepreneur who has a passion for making her clients feel beautiful.  While running world class spas and analyzing skin types of a number of women, she and her team have invested hundreds of hours to developing high class skin care products.  Based on the output from our test group of men and women, the quality of our products are continuously improved as we strive for perfection.  We, at Lathika Natural Beauty, take our clients’ skincare seriously and use innovative methods to provide long term solutions for the optimal beauty each of our clients deserve.
Our mission is to keep providing healthier products to our customers. This reflects our commitment to providing you with high performing natural based products. We employ sustainable, natural and organic ingredients in our products. Our customers are thoroughly satisfied with the results and value of our products.

Flawless beauty is our promise!

Lathika Natural Beauty
Roshani Newton
  • Address : 143 stonechurch cres Markham, Ontario
  • Phone : 647 780 9230
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